Flashback, the most contemporary ancient and modern art fair, (best Italian fair of 2017, Artribune) reaches, in 2018, its sixth edition.

The name of the event incorporates contents and intentions.

On the one side the name: FLASHBACK, the turmoil of the narration, through which the event moves the past into the present, on the other side the exhibition project: ALL ART IS CONTEMPORARY which is inspired by Gino De Dominicis’ conceptual research on the theme of immortality and underlines the “contemporaneity” of the experience of when the artwork is enjoyed and its timelessness.

So, flashback provides tools of knowledge, to help us reconfigure our identity and build up the memory of who we have been and – mainly – of who we could be. Not an archeological search in our past, but the awareness of how much it is an integral part of our space of existence

For its sixth edition flashback stigmatizes contents that have belonged to the project since its very birth. The need to “use the existent”, of doing so that what is already present can represent an opportunity to set the bases of the future society.