flashback 2019

flashback is the project dedicated to art, conceived as an open artwork,
born in 2013 with the aim of building an atlas of visual culture
able to link culture and market into one equation, without constraints of space and time.

In 2019 it reaches its seventh edition.

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Applications for flashback 2019 are now open until May 31, 2019.

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MV: Don’t you believe that contemporary art, founded on the principle of subjectivity, is radically different from ancient one?
GDD: Art is actually all contemporary. Otherwise it would be like if you see a 1920 car arriving and you decide to cross the road safely, thinking you won’t be invested because that car is from another era. But this is not true. For artworks is the same. They are always ‘alive’.
MV: So according to you there is no difference between a Madonna by Brunelleschi and a portrait by Picabia?
GDD: There is a difference. But they are both contemporary. The work of art is a living thing.

Marina Valensise Interviews Gino De Dominicis – Il Foglio, March 20th 1997