Flashback 2020

5 > 8 November 2020
h 11 > 20
Pala Alpitour > Turin > Italy


language and content

Specific tools of flashback are languange and content.

The language, with which it communicates, is necessarily a contemporary one and it declines in the choice of the image of the event, the venue, the set-up, graphics and communication. Therefore it represents the means by which communicating and contextualizing the work.

The contents are divided into:

flashback expo
the galleries, chosen for the rarity and quality of their proposals, which all together contribute to create the amazing atlas of flashback.

flashback special project
Flashback is Opera viva, the visual project by artist Alessandro Bulgini that develops from 2013 and which each year stigmatizes the artwork’ worth and function.

flashback exhibition
the exhibitions held within and outside the location.

flashback lab
the educational workshops for little children who are discovering the wonders of art which are dedicated to the active knowledge and the conscious use of cultural heritage.

flashback sound
the rich and lively program of musical performances that, throught a careful research, ranges seamlessly between past and present.

flashback storytelling
the project that promotes, through narration, awareness and direct and active involvement between the public and art.

flashback talk
the rich program of talks and meetings which sees its own peculiarities in the crosswised approach to the topics, a vision which ranges in time from antiquity to modernity.

flashback video
the program dedicated to the image in motion, from video-art to the documentary.

flashback art class
‘all contemporary’ art lessons.