Flashback 2020

5 > 8 November 2020
h 11 > 20
Pala Alpitour > Turin > Italy

Alessandro Bulgini “Opera Viva – Guardiani”

01 October 2019



Alessandro Bulgini
Opera Viva – Guardiani. Sculture solari per naufrago

Vernissage 17 October h 18.30

Piazza Bottesini, Turin, Italy

On 17 October,  there will be the vernissage of the fifth billboard of the Opera Viva Barriera di Milano 2019 project, devised by Alessandro Bulgini, curated by Christian Caliandro and supported by Flashback (Pala Alpitour, 31 October > 3 November), that – this year – is inspired to the theme selected by the fair, i.e. The Wanderers.

The poster is by Alessandro Bulgini (Taranto, 1962) and is titled Opera Viva – Guardiani.
The protagonists of his most recent series are simple plastic bottles decorated by primordial tribal figures, which take life on the beach, thanks to the sunlight, and that Alessandro Bulgini defines “solar sculptures for castaway”.
Who is, then, the castaway mentioned in the subtitle of the work?
The artist, who is – first of all a “wanderer” by excellence in the present and in all the other times and who – like Giorgio de Chirico – moves across the era and assembles fragments and territories that are apparently incongruous. “In a canvas of his, the objects have not given each other an appointment”, Jean Cocteau wrote in 1928. The bottles animated by those shamanic or domestic presences are chips of the present that crashed in some sort of merry post-apocalypse: it is as if Chuck Noland, the protagonist of Cast Away (Robert Zemeckis 2000) interpreted by Tom Hanks, had decided to build – instead of the ball-friend Wilson – a whole crowd of protective spirits – some sort of, after all quite amicable, household gods – who watch the contemporary shipwrecking of this hobo.
Or, rater, we are the castaways, who have the opportunity to rely on these family deities, within everybody’s reach, in our personal and collective “cheerfulness of castaways”.
Thus, this work represents the ideal landing of the pathway traced by this edition’s posters of Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, under the banner of “the wanderers”.

A project by Alessandro Bulgini
Curated by Christian Caliandro
Promoted by Flashback, all art is contemporary
V artist: Alessandro Bulgini, vernissage 17 October h 18.30
17 October > 11 November 2019

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