call for application flashback 2019

11 february 2019

The terms are open – until May 31, 2019 – to submit the applications to participate to the seventh edition of flashback, the event dedicated to ancient and modern art which allows to enjoy the artworks no longer perceived as removed – for cultural or time-related reasons – but finally part of a concrete experience ‘here and now’.

The format of the event chooses to advance the concept of the contemporaneity of ‘Art’ by exploring artworks of different ages and it has gone up as high as to represent an original and international model to draw from to redesign one’s own approach about art history but also about today’s history.

This syncretism is what has allowed flashback to grow exponentially during the years and it is what characterizes the project, always changing and always inspired by life by connecting different ages: the ancient, the modern and the contemporary with its fluidity.