flashback lab

flashback lab

sunken treasures. the city, free space, gallery of wonders
curated by Mariachiara Guerra

Sunken treasures. The city: free space, gallery of wonders, the educational project, for the schools, the families and the citizens that live in fragile conditions, is the result of the collaboration between Atelier Héritage e flashback, determined to explore the theme of the fruition of art as a cultural experience of awareness and citizenship. Sunken treasures is conceived as a path to delve into art, both ancient and contemporary, that is rooted in urban history and connected to the territory, aiming to provide the participants a ‘toolbox’ to help them recognize the beauty in their everyday life. This process of awareness is designed to be a ‘free action’, most of all when set in a public space and a product of the effort on the part of the new citizens, new because of age or citizenship.

saturday 3 november 2018, h. 15,30
sunday 4 november 2018, h. 15,30

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