flashback 2018

4 november 2018

There were many, more than 16,000, visitors who landed on The shores of another sea at flashback 2018. The mixité of the 6th edition, inspired by Chad Oliver’s science fiction novel, attracted a wide and heterogeneous audience by type and age, among them numerous Italian and foreign collectors, many belonging to groups of patrons of international institutions.

The audience interviewed expressed an enthusiasm above expectations, underlining how the exhibition proved to be an important and distinctive trait of flashback, optimal for its use of the works and how its atmosphere was unique compared to all the other Italian and foreign fairs. As pointed out by Catterina Seia, vice president of the Fitzcarraldo Foundation, entering flashback means “Walking on the seashore, a deep feeling of peace, harmony and beauty”. The visitors were won over not only by the works on display but by the enthusiasm of the gallery owners as well, who were available to tell the stories, sometimes unusual, that live behind every work.

The exhibitors unanimously emphasized their appreciation of the event; the gallery owner Allegra Ravizza (Lugano and Honolulu), was also satisfied from the sales point of view, arguing that the appointment with flashback is fundamental for “educating to beauty” and that “the atmosphere acts as a filter and the public is particularly cultured and attentive”. Il Mercante delle Venezie, a young gallery owner on his first appearance at the fair, appreciated “the high quality of what was offered and the quality of the public” and confirmed he had contact with excellent collectors.

On the Sunday morning, in the stand of Benappi-Pozzallo (Turin), new works appeared to replace those sold, especially when dealing with ancient art.

The Galleria dello Scudo (Verona), which specializes in modern art, supported the idea that the force behind flashback was giving a new freshness to the period of the early 1900s, a scope that is rarely considered in other fairs.

Gian Enzo Sperone (Sent and New York) reiterates that “the fairs of the future must pass through this door: showing the galleries that make culture”. Open Art (Prato), having expressed approval for the high quality presented by all gallerists, said they met “many visiting directors from other fairs that could certainly take some cues from this one, limited in numbers but not in quality”.

Much appreciated were the educational workshops organized by Maria Chiara Guerra, with many children present, some coming from the district of Barriera di Milano where flashback is currently active and working and the daily talks that enriched the fair. Among these the preview the flashback art class, the launch of a new cycle that inaugurated a new flashback project dedicated to the storytelling of historicized art.