Opera Viva, The Billboard…Serena Fineschi

9 July - 30 August 2020

After Another round, another race by Iginio De Luca, Up with this shitty world by Serena Fineschi, the third poster of the sixth edition of Opera Viva Barriera di Milano – a project devised by Alessandro Bulgini and curated by Christian Caliandro – is inaugurating on Thursday 9 July live at hrs 19.00 on Flashback, all art is contemporary’s Facebook channel – @flashbackfair. The theme selected this year – Ludens – is inspired to the sci-fi tale Unicorn Variations by Roger Zelazny and to the works of Johan Huizinga. Thus, playing as a foundation of human life and creativity, as an essential approach for the continuous reconstruction of the world and as a basis for art and culture; the game as a sacred activity.

The image carried out by the artist is the photograph of a small portion of her own skin, on which a sentence (deriving from an artwork of 2011), which is at the same time a declaration of intent and a hymn to love, has been tattooed for this occasion. As Serena Fineschi states: “There is no point contesting that the self-inflicted pain, this obscure, cynical and distorted pleasure, is the origin of our suffering, which we spit and vomit to the face of the world. The body talks, and the work is not a foreign body to the artist’s body.  The body demands, demands continuously”.  

It is just that individual and collective body, which was recently submitted – during the lockdown weeks – to a severe ordeal, that comes back overwhelmingly to the center of attention (it actually is the main theme of reflection by some of the most significant contemporary thinkers, from Michel Foucault to Donna Haraway, to Paul B. Preciado), and becomes both the territory and the means of the artistic message.  “Let us love the sick body.  Let us love the scars and the bites left on the skin by the wounds. Let us love the old body, marked by time, wrinkled by the sun, full of memories. “Let us love the slow body. Let us love both the imperfection and the unbalance (…). Let us love the real, fragile and vulnerable body, rather than the ideal, tyrannical body of the norm.  Let us love the poetical body, because language is only one of the abstract organs of the living body” (Paul B. Preciado, Hymn to the body, «Internazionale», 20 June 2020). 

The sentence tattooed on Serena’s skin, and painted on the 6×3 poster, is actually a tender, touching reality: it means that, even though we are fully aware of the issues and crises that affect the contemporary world,  even though the western societies are showing all their cracks (which the virus has widened and made even more visible) –  in spite of all that and just because of that are we not giving up crying out our love for life,  and all the unconsciousness,  recklessness and passion for the unexpected it takes to face it. To really feel and be alive, today.