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5 > 8 November 2020
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Rebecca Moccia “FUOCO IN TASCA”

02 May 2019



Rebecca Moccia

Opening May 2, h 19

Piazza Bottesini, Turin

The Wanderers is the theme of the fifth edition of  the urban art project Opera Viva “il manifesto”, conceived by  Alessandro Bulgini and curated – for the fourth year in a row – by  Christian Caliandro.

Rebecca Moccia is the artist who will open the project with a work titled Fuoco in tasca. For the authoress, the fireworks are a metaphor of the work and of the artist – of a certain kind of artist, of how the artist should be – on the basis of Jack Kerouac’s On the road.  “For me, the only people who exist are the fools, those who are crazy for the will of living, for words, for salvation, those who are crazy for the everything now, those who never yawn and never say trivialities, but – instead – they burn, burn, burn like fantastic yellow fireworks, which blow like spiders above the stars, while – in its middle – you see the blue light explode and everybody does «Oooooh!»”.

The fireworks are a symbol of the portability (the small one in the big one and the big one in the small one), of the intangibility, of the experience. The artwork Rebecca Moccia has in mind holds an actual interest towards the world and people; some warmth, intimacy, closeness, empathy and compassion. It is an artwork that can live and be in the world, that can move with gentleness and emotions, that can nourish a humane dimension without which nothing exists, nothing can flourish. 

Thus, this drawing, which is at the same time humble and ambitious, idealist and simple, is proud of the few essential elements  it consists of (lines, points, gestures); it serenely exhibits its fragility and legibility; it is not afraid on wandering, of failures, gaps, stops, deviations, digressions, sudden and apparently groundless falls (which, rather, are the very substance of its pathway and practice), whose extreme, small/great utility lays in its utter uselessness.

At  its seventh edition, with The Wanderers, Flashback is the testimony of the importance of preserving curiosity and mental agility without the constant fear of being wrong, of failing and of falling, but with the ability of moving forward and backward in history and in the world without prejudice, because the true present consists of the collapsing of the dimensions and of the time and cultural differences, in the firm belief the active relationships always determine and describe the time we are living in.

Under The Patronage Of:

A project by Alessandro Bulgini
Curated by Christian Caliandro
Promoted by Flashback, all art is contemporary
I artist: Rebecca Moccia, opening May 2, h 19
May 2 / 26, 2019

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