Flashback 2020…exemptions and application forms

Flashback is going on, looking forward optimistically and responsibly. 
This is why we have decided to postpone the closing of the Applications to June 30 and to apply some exemptions to the contract terms in order to best safeguard our Exhibitors.

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The 2020 sections 
There will be two sections you can participate to – Main Section and OneShot – and one does not exclude the other one.

Throughout the last month, we had the opportunity to discuss with many of you, and we do understand how complicated this historical moment can be. We know you are economically and psychologically in two minds, between the fear of the uncertainty – which is also linked to the great costs you have to beat every day – and the need to open and go back to the market.  
Many are looking forward with some optimism, and with the will and need to restart. We know that the fairs play an essential role to foster the meeting between the galleries and the public: this has become a need more than ever.  

There are many wild cards, but also certainties: art – a fortiori the historicized one – represents a safe haven many collectors are looking at.  There is the need to go back to a “new normality”, and Turin in November could actually be the moment of restarting, the way to actively support the art system through a new energy. 
The art market needs positive signs. 

Throughout the years, we have distinguished ourselves for being an event whose strength actually lays in teamwork. Today, we want to emphasize this particularity of ours even more, because we believe that the key of success actually lays in working together, looking at a shared objective and actively cooperating to meet it. 

See you soon 🙂
Stefania & Ginevra