FLASHBACK – Next Edition 2021 – Stay Tuned!

Flashback, all art is contemporary
Turin, 4 – 7 november 2021

We are working at the ninth edition of Flashback, the fair where all art is contemporary.
We are back with a new theme and a new energy: we will update you step by step, so keep following us, there will be lots of news!

Here it is the first one: a different way of participation with a time window to download and send applications between June 15 and September 15.

Flashback, all art is contemporary … stay tuned!

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Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso, senzazioni

Flashback, all art is contemporary


The flashback special project Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, il Manifesto

Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso
senzazioni (2021)

Inaugurating Wednesday 5th May, at 06:30 pm
in Piazza Bottesini, Turin
and live on Facebook (@flashbackfair)

The first poster of Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, il Manifesto a project devised by Alessandro Bulgini, curated by Christian Caliandro and supported by the Flashback art fair is inaugurating in piazza Bottesini on Wednesday May 5th at 06:30 p.m. and live on – @flashbackfairsenzazioni by Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso (2021).  

The first poster of Opera Viva Barriera di Milano sixth edition – amongst the eight winners of the open call, is by Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso (who had already won the call in 2019). The photograph shows a bird’s eye view of a table dressed and full of dishes, cutlery, glasses, bottles and food remains: on the tablecloth do we recognize writings, drawings and messages.

They are the traces of a complex project titled senzazioni (feelings), which involved the artist – who moved to Palermo last year, right at the beginning of the pandemic – and a group of friends and acquaintances. The work, which was built day after day, is focused on relationship, exchange and experience. This work lives in close dialog with the physical and regulating context it was born in and – in particular – with the social limits due to Covid that came into force this spring. The D.P.C.M. of March 2nd 2021 states: ““Within the Regions the measures established for the orange area apply to, the displacement to only one inhabited private housing facility is allowed once a day – in a timeframe between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. – and within the limit of two people in addition to those who are already living together there.”

The table set by Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso by the occasion was not cleared up for eleven days, and it hosted three breakfasts, four lunches and seven dinners for twenty-five guests, divided by two at the time The result is a set of photographs – amongst which the one that has been selected for the poster – that document the moments of dialog and meeting. Of course, a work of such kind transcends the visual evidence, and lives mainly in the dimension of direct experience and of the subsequent recalling. 

As the artist states: “senzazioni is a collective work, made of ideas, laughs, silence, embarrassment, encounters and separations.  We have been together in full safety and we have left dishes, cutlery, glasses, drawings, notes and food remains as a spontaneous trace for those who would come afterwards. It was a precious, intimate opportunity to see the others and deeply recognize them. sensazioni is a group photograph – in time and space – which tells a certainty: at the basis of life and art there lie the human relationships, which can sicken, but also heal us”.

This idea of the human relationship which can treat and heal us is the result of a reflection that has been carried forward throughout last year, and produced by the huge mutation we are all witnessing. Just in a moment where meeting people , the other, is so difficult, this project claims the significance and need of this dialog, of this listening, even though in full compliance with the  rules. This reveals as a precious core the need of the individuals to be themselves once they gather around the table, to give the best of oneself, to transform – spontaneously overcoming any temptation to stand out and any urge to be at the center of attention.

Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso (1983) was born, lives and works in Rome. Photographer and performer, she exhibited in significant events and attended several residences: Indian Pavilion at the Biennial of Prague, 2011; Biennial of Venice, 2013; Macro, 2014; Salon, 2015; BoCS Art, 2017.‎  She started her career as a professional actress and now she is a visual artist, who currently live in Palermo. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, her work is characterized by the use of photography, drawing and performance; a work that suites the situations where she has to act. Emanuela’s interest focuses on the relational processes she witnesses first-handily in an always wide diversified time, whose results are disclosed through works on paper, photograph prints and performances.

Art never gives up. At the start of the VII edition of Opera Viva il Manifesto

Flashback, all art is contemporary
The Flashback special project, Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, il Manifesto


The 8 women artists who won the Opera Viva call and the first poster:

“senzazioni” by Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso (2021)

Wednesday May 5th at 6:30 p.m. 

Piazza Bottesini, Turin

Contemporary art has not stopped, in spite of the color changes and the several lockdowns. The artists have continued reflecting on the current situation as well as on the world to come. The reference to the pandemic in progress could not help surfacing also in the response of the eight women artists who won the call launched by Flashback, all art is contemporary for Flashback è Opera Viva, aimed at developing a large-sized poster, which will be posted every month, starting from May 5th2021, in piazza Bottesini, cimasa 50530 – the very heart of neighborhood “Barriera di Milano” in Turin. 

“In this seventh edition of Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, il Manifesto – underlines Christian Caliandro, curator of the project and member of the selection jury – all the eight winning posters have been developed by women artists: the result was not expected, but I am glad about it because I believe it reflects this significant historical moment. The winning images narrate – each with its own approach and style – well the complex phase we are witnessing, without ever being moralistic. Political consciousness, attention to nature and to the environment, resistance, centrality of the relationships, fatigue and repetition but – mainly – hope and the conquest of a new awareness are the themes the public will be able to read in the posters”.  

By this project – devised by artist Alessandro Bulgini in 2015 – the municipal space, which is conventionally reserved to advertising billboards, will host the work of an artist and accompany the people throughout the year, becoming part of their days and thus underlying the “everyday” function of art within a context and in an urban community. Throughout the years, 34 national and international artists have been involved in this large project of outdoor art patronage.  

The first of the nine posters, which will follow one another in piazza Bottesini in the forthcoming months, will be inaugurated – also live on Facebook on channel @flashbackfair – on Wednesday May 5th at 6:30 p.m. The work that is opening this year’s urban art cycle is strong and meaningful for the time we have witnessed and are witnessing: “senzazioni” (feelings) by Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso.


The artists who won the seventh, 2001 edition, besides its creator Alessandro Bulgini, are: Ilaria Abbiento, Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso, Federica Belli, Maria Paola Infuso, Erika Nevia Cervo, Federica Peyrolo, Lucrezia Testa Iannilli and Tatiana Villani. 

Members of the selection jury:  Alessandro Bulgini, visual artist and creator of the project, Turin; Christian Caliandro, curator and art historian, Bari; Iginio De Luca, artist, Rome; Fulvio Gianaria, chairman of OGR, Turin; Ginevra Pucci and Stefania Poddighe, Flashback’s directors, Turin; Diego Sileo, curator of PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan.