flashback: a cultural challenge

flashback is a project aimed at the creation of critical sense; a heterogeneous – and though organic – system of information which is useful to provide elements on analysis and knowledge for the creation of collectors, critics, historian and curators and – more generally – individuals that can interpret their own contemporaneity. In this sense, Flashback represents the opportunity of utilizing the existing for one’s own present because knowledge is what allow us to choose.

Thus, the term beneficiary (he who perceives or interprets the artwork) takes a new far more complex, multi-faceted meaning, and the artwork is actually active and living.

That’s how “collecting” becomes therefore a multi-faced activity, a “doing” which is carrying along some characteristics of recognition and caring, an aesthetic value, but also the ethic urge up to host more complex meanings of cultural and political warning.

That’s how the gallerist is presenting him/herlself as the interpreter of an exchange dictated by sensitivity and intuition at that – at the same time – plays also a pedagogical function towards the market and collectorship. An essential function to spread and transmit the knowledge to the general public and to create and train new generations of individuals.