All art is contemporary…Episode #11

16 February 2021

“Elements of the universe”

Earth, sun, constellations, stars and planetary rings in Flashback, Extended Edition’s works.

“The Universe is commonly defined as the complex that includes all the space and what it contains, i.e.  matter  and energy, the planets, the stars, the galaxies and the contents of the intergalactic space.” 
(Wikipedia – Italian edition)

Let us start talking about the elements of the universe starting from Earth. The work by Claudio Rotta Loria, artist and philosopher from Turin, Studio di Equatore (made in 2001), is the representation of the globe. Its fully helical shape cuts across the space it is located in and emerges from the sheet thanks to its element in relief, such as the rope that cuts the globe into two, thus precisely defining the equator.  The blue recalls the color of water and of the sky. 

Daniel Seiter, a baroque artist, adds the Constellation element to our universe by work Diana e Orione, oil on canvas, of 1685 approx.
It represents the dramatic scene of the goddess who is unsuccessfully trying to reanimate Orion, addressing the arrow towards Aesculapius. Cheated by her brother Apollo, who was jealous of her love for a mortal, Diana threw an arrow to a far target, not knowing it was her beloved one. When she realized the mistake, she was overwhelmed by sorrow and Zeus compassionately turned Orion into the constellation we know. 

We are again talking about Stars introducing the drawing of the Star Ushak Carpet, coming from central Anatolia and made in the second half of the 17th century. This carpet is characterized by stellar medallions alternated to a lozenge. They are arranged in staggered parallel rows, so that they create an effect of infinite, as the universe is. It reminds us the complexity and shapes of space. 

Same as the famous and though mysterious rings of Saturn are composed by objects of different sizes, the very precious Rings of the nineteen thirties, coming from the United States, are punctuated by a magic trail of precious stones, a kaleidoscope of diamonds and emeralds that illuminate and reflect light.

We are ending our journey through the universe with our star, the Sun. In his work Alba (oil on panel, 1985), Salvatore Mangione, aka Salvo, portraits the star arising in a landscape of warm vivid colors, rendering us a feeling of peace in admiring the trees and the shadows the sun projects onto the ground: the dawning of a new day.

In the image, on the top Left /hand: Daniel Seiter, Diana e Orione (Diana and Orion), 1685 approx., oil on canvas, cm 174.5 x 155.5, courtesy of: Galleria Giamblanco (Turin). Followed by: Unites States, Rings, 1930 approx., two platinum and diamonds rings and a platinum, diamonds and emerald ring, courtesy of: Lorenzo e Paola Monticone Gioielli d’Epoca (Turin).
At the center: Center Anatolia, Star Ushak Carpet, second half of the 17th century, cm 440 x 265, courtesy of Mirco Cattai Fine Art & Antique Rugs (Milan).
Below, on the LH side: Claudio Rotta Loria, Studio di Equatore (Equator Study), 2001, watercolor, colored pencil, twine and plastic on A4 Fabriano, cm 21 x 29.7 x2, courtesy of White Lands (Turin). Followed by: Salvo, Alba (Dawn), 1985, oil on panel, cm 48.5 x 47, courtesy of Claudio Poleschi Arte Contemporanea (Dogana – RSM).