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Il Circolino

Il Circolino, area talk, bar, bistrot, lounge, mostre

It is Flashback Habitat's place of conviviality and creative hospitality.

Includes Talk Area, Exhibition Area, Lounge and Bar.

The Circle is located on the ground floor of pavilion C, the oldest historic building in the complex dating back to the end of the 19th century and built by the Turin banker Marsaglia.

Currently at Circolino the works are exhibited:

Alexander Bulgini

Hairetikos - Opera Viva



Henry Eric Hernández & Maryse Goudreau

Top Models (Pioneras)


3 photos

Luis Gomez Armenteros

Miserere (Avant-Garde)


Photo Gloria Bertelli, IED

Exhibition area

Currently at Il Circolino:

Turi Rapisarda. PHOTOS

The exhibition collects part of Turi Rapisarda's photographic research through works printed with silver salts, created by the artist between the eighties and nineties, where concepts, emotions and technique flow into a melancholic lyricism.

The works of Rapisarda, an unconventional artist, manage to convey apparently distant emotions and feelings, creating that important union between art and life that is fundamental for works of art. A lyrical and poignant component is accompanied by a strong social criticism underlined by the depth created by the contrast between black and white. The artist uses the portrait as a composite tool, his are not simple photographs but multifaceted stories about the complex drama of the world.

Rapisarda, capable of transforming life into work, reality into history, everyday life into eternity. The exhibition highlights the artist's ability to always maintain a careful analysis aimed at humanity, which often appears fragile and vulnerable.

Alessandro Bulgini.Opera Viva, Bastian-Contrario, 2023

Bastian Contrary is an idiomatic expression in the Italian language which indicates someone who takes opinions and attitudes contrary to those of the majority.

Bulgini has always worked on the idea of laterality, of the oblique gaze, from the first pictorial cycles le dejeuner sur l'herbe of 1993, hairetikos of 2001 (where the heretic is the one who chooses), to performances such as the nave of fools (2005 ), when sailing against the current on the Tiber, from the installations, think of the capsizing of the boat at the Leopolda station in 2010 or the capsizing of the Bar Luigi sign in 2012, to the latest Bastian-Contrario series. The content is repeated in different forms, but with the same idea of investigation. In overturning a distance is created between the user and the object, it is like a filter, a patina, perception is no longer lazy as usually in the reality we know, our perceptive modality changes, the same thing becomes unknown and for this reason captures our attention. Duchamp brings the object to a new function, the overturning in this case does not lead to anything known, the coordinates are lost, nothing is recognizable anymore, we are forced to navigate in a new world, a new oblivion, another level of perception where the unconscious is activated – says Bulgini

The work of art is revolution, change is always revolution.

Henry Eric Hernandez & Maryse Goudreau.Top Models (Pioneras).2003-2014.Triptych

Luis Gòmez Armenteros.Miserere (Avant Garde)2011-2019

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