flashback exhibition

Marco Gastini > Gli anni 80

Marco Gastini, Gli anni 80, at Flashback

In cooperation with Archivio Gastini

At one year since his passing away, Flashback celebrates Marco Gastini (Turin, 1938 > 2018), one of the most appreciated names of Italian painting related to matter, in a solo exhibition.
In the works in the exhibition, as well as in the nineteen-eighty glossary of the artist, the wandering matrix can be observed in the succession of the most various materials – parchment  (Il peso della pelle, 1981; already exhibited Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus in Munich and to the 40thInternational Biennial Art Exhibition of Venice, both in 1982);  glass and metals such as iron  (Retablo, 1986), copper and tin – organic elements such as coal and the vegetables similar to carobs (Grande nero, 1982); the wood  of the beams that support the roofs of the mountain houses, of the boxes, of the track sleepers or of the 3D assembled tables. 
The complexity of the pictorial dough in these works increases thanks to an intense chromaticism, where it is hard to recognize pigments and binders, as required to enable the loss of the observer within the environment, in order to allow the painting’s opening to the meeting. One of the greatest ingenious Italian artists after World War II, even though with a look at the ancient taste for doing, in an exhibition where all the elements suggest the multiplication of the reading levels and of the painting surfaces.