Limitless spaces > Stories of urban universes and different planets

Flashback lab 2019

curated by Mariachiara Guerra

Limitless spaces > Stories of urban universes and different planets, was born with the will of widening and telling the reflections on the theme of the utilization of Art as a cultural experience of awareness and citizenship. 
The 2019 > 2020 edition is inspired to Giacomo Leopardi’s poem “L’infinito”, which celebrates its two hundredth anniversary, and to the fiftieth anniversary of moon landing, leading the participants to question on the meaning of  ‘terminus’: the limit as a starting point of knowledge and inspiration. For this reason, in the days of Flashback, the participants to the laboratories – students, families and gramps – shall cooperate in creating a collective installation, inspired to the Voyager Golden Record, the record for gramophone that, in 1977, NASA entered into the two Voyager probes, with the aim of providing evidence of the cultural heritage of the world to life forms – if any – outside the solar system. This object, which contains 115 images, natural sounds and greetings in 55 languages, was born to wander in the universe, in the hope of reaching the closest star outside the solar system: hence the choice Flashback is telling: an event born to be a synthesis of cultures and different artistic stories, which this year is exactly dedicated to the theme of wandering. Art and the town as an expression of democracy and freedom shall be the theme of the second stage of activities, where – as usual – the project rootsand connects to the history of the territory:  in the ambition of providing the participants with a toolbox that will help them recognize Beauty in the places of everyday’s life.  After the stage in the contemporary town, through the Opera Viva > il Manifesto project in piazza Bottesini, in the neighborhood of Barriera di Milano, the exploration will continue with the visit to the Museum of the Resistance and to the Piedmont Institute for the history of Resistance and of contemporary society “Giorgio Agosti”, bodies of the Polo del ‘900.

Sunken treasures. the city, free space, gallery of wonders

Flashback lab 2018

curated by Mariachiara Guerra

Sunken treasures. the city: free space, gallery of wonders, the educational project, for the schools, the families and the citizens, is the result of the collaboration between Atelier Héritage and flashback, determined to explore the theme of the fruition of art as a cultural experience of awareness and citizenship. Sunken treasures has been conceived as a path to delve into art, ancient, modern and contemporary, that is rooted in urban history and connected to the territory, aiming to provide the participants with a ‘toolbox’ to help them recognise the beauty in their everyday life. This process of awareness is designed to be a ‘free action’, most of all when set in a public space and a product of the effort on the part of the new citizens, new because of age or citizenship.

The educational program, which involved over 250 primary and secondary school students from November to May, began with a visit to the works by Alessandro Bulgini, in the districts of Aurora and Barriera di Milano, it passed through Palazzo Madama and the galleries to then end with a thematic workshop that took place within flashback. The interdisciplinary contents have been taken up and processed through a workshop activity in the school classes too. Moreover flashback organized a special activity for families and for Gramps, the grandparents who collaborate with Atelier Héritage in the districts of Barriera di Milano and San Donato.