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Nomadic sounds

curated by Mauro Battisti e Ivan Bert

Flashback sound, the space dedicated to music, this year plays on the double meanings of ‘errare’ – both ‘to wander’ and ‘to be wrong’ – and ‘time’ – understood as pace and rhythm. The projects of Flashback sound move in the border zone between improvisation and sheet music, in its most diverse variations, with propensity for jazz and crossover that are tailor-made for the spirit of this edition. 

30 October > h 18.30 (upon invitation) >> Nina Simmons
Davide Vizio > live electronics
Jacopo Albini > tenor saxophone and clarinet From jazz to nu-black, from dub music to the ethnic music of all continents, the thematic lines and improvisations of Jacopo Albini warmly dance of Davide Vizio’s groovy electronic, ambient hypnotic productions.

Nina Simmons

31 October > h 18.30 >> Onda Próxima
Gilson Silveira > percussions, voice
Nico Di Battista > 7-chord bass, voice
Two eclectic artists of great sensitivity for a magic meeting between the Mediterranean and Brazil: Neapolitan tropicalia, this is the term that was purposely created by Silveira and Di Battista for a music that blends the Mediterranean lyrics to the lively rhythmic colors of South America and the wholly Neapolitan pathos, to the light catching world of Brazilian music. 

Onda Próxima

1 November > h 18.30 >> KALA
Gianni Denitto > alto sax, live electronics
Ricky Akasha > visual design
Upon conclusion of his latest tour, which touched the four corners of the world, saxophonist Gianni Denitto is presenting “KALA”: a spectacular logbook where the sounds of world music intersect electronics to form an accurate, seductive musical plot that narrates places and personal stories.


2 November > h 18.30 >> X-Moon
Ivan Bert > trumpet, prepared trumpet, live electronics
Mauro Battisti > bass, live electronics
Ricky Akasha > visual design
What happens when an expedition heading to the Moon finds itself by mistake amongst unexpected cosmic panoramas? This is X-Moon’s immersive journey: a message in the bottle thrown, between space-rhythms and psychedelic soundscapes, by two special, involuntary time wanderers. 


flashback sound 2018

flashback sound is the vibrant and vivacious palimpsest dedicated to music, ranging from the past to the present, and that this year has been focused on the mixité of languages: melodies coming from different backgrounds have been blended together to create new forms of dialogue and comparison between different kinds of music.

art lounge room
curated by Andrea Vailati Canta

On the evening of the 31st of october flashback opened its lounge to the sounds of deep techno, darker and heavier, and to funkier sounds, mellow and smooth, along with hard techno; the mood is set by Stefano Prezioso, SINGS and Niko Favata, the last two have just come back to Italy after the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event 2018).

The live experience has followed the boiler room format, that over the years has gradually gained importance and authenticity and where the public, behind the DJ, becomes part of the performance.

Kenöpsia / Stefano Prezioso and Andrea Vailati Canta (Sunup Records)
SINGS (aka Andrea Vailati Canta) and Stefano Prezioso start the project Kenöpsia in 2016 and, within a short time, take part in music festivals such as the Street Parade in Milan and the Sun Up in Crema where they have shared the console with DJs such as Magdalena, Lehar, Pisetzky and Giorgia Angiuli, to name a few. In 2018, they set up the record label Sunup Records.

SINGS (Sunup Records)
With his 20 years’ experience, SINGS’s tracks are characterised by an emotional melody with a dominant role played by ethnic instruments. His engineering approach to music is the product of dedication and daily work, constantly looking to better oneself with records, software and musical instruments.

Niko Favata (Expatriate Records)
Niko Favata launches Expatriate Records in 2013 with the clear intention of starting his own music production: the critical and commercial success comes quite naturally and soon the label grows and new artists, DJs and producers join in, with whom new, amazing results have been achieved in the best clubs and electronic music festivals, both Italian and international.

mixing sounds
curated by Mauro Battisti

Anais Drago (violin, loop station)
Born in 1993, eclectic violinist with an impressive resume, Anais Drago projects in a personal way the sounds of folk music, of jazz and of pop within the spaces of flashback. Remarkable improv artist and virtuoso violinist, the artist will take inspiration from the artworks and the objects displayed to create a musical adventure full of charm and mystique.

DA-JAXX / Diego Borotti (tenor sax, Akai pro Ewi) and Marcello Picchioni (piano, synth, drums programming)
Analogue samples, synthetized sounds, hip-hop rhythms and all the intensity and freshness of jazz improvisation, all this is DA-JAXX. Challenging musical mixité, these two artists, who share the same background (blues, soul, r&b and mainstream jazz), breathe life into this new project with a refined and captivating way to mix electronics and acoustics.

L.I.M.A 2 /  Simone Bellavia (electric bass, double bass, loop station, electronics) and Toti Canzoneri (flute, cajon, drums, keyboard)
L..I.M.A., the historic world-jam that started 18 years ago and enlivens every week the spaces of the cafè des arts of Torino, has landed on the shores of flashback 2018 in a peculiar fashion. His brilliant creator, Toti Canzoneri, and the wonderful bass player Simone Bellavia redesign with skill, a musical path based on boundless improvisation. Ranging from afro to rock, from psychedelic rhythms to the roots of flamenco, with acoustic and electric instruments and with the help of electronic effects, the two musicians will explore music and its constantly changing qualities.

ACDS / Alessandro Chiappetta (electric guitar) and Donato Stolfi (drum set)
The drum set and the electric guitar, a peculiar couple, the result of the meeting of two incredible musicians that have always been interested in contaminating and mixing languages. AS/DS is a “high voltage” musical duo that puts audaciously forward an exiting journey through the melodies of rock, pop, world and jazz.

performance by Francesca Sandroni

ADD is a project that adds, and tends to overlap, different elements, cultures, styles and languages, creating a sound layering through the sampling of noises generated by symbolic objects. The performance as an impromptu, playful act of unity and interaction with the “other”: the active participation that changes the narrative, life’s everyday flow. A vulgar symphony, a ringing “voodoo” in which we were all included and responsible, in an absolute dissonance.