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Nomadic Words

Flashback talk 2019

The Flashback talk appointments shall be present in this edition as well: the space dedicated to the in-depth analysis of the artistic phenomena, a lounge dedicated to the disclosure and lucid digression, with guests and experts who will discuss and question themselves on the nomadic nature of art and on its power to overcome borders and boundaries, which would be insurmountable by other means.

>> Friday 1 november 2019

Fabio Cammarata. Errando e Progettando > h 11.30
Curated by Iconica
In jeweller’s craft, “wandering” through experimentations often leads to unexpected results with aesthetic and physical effects that are unusual and heterogeneous. Fabio Cammarata says: “… Experimentations go on, just like the design, a modus operandi made of strict rules but whose final effects are often surprising and different from one another. That is the reason why my jewels often seem to belong to hands that worked with different ‘eyes’…”
>> Fabio Cammarata (Designer), Monica Bruno (Iconica)

Homme canette > h 15
The poetic recycling of material abandoned from contemporary consumption.
>> Cristina Pistoletto (artist), Eddy Ekete (artist), Simona Amelotti (MetaCritikVision). Moderator: Fabio Vito Lacertosa (musician and critic)

“GIACOMO BALLA. Nato Torino. Pittore futurista (La magia caleidoscopica di Casa Balla)” > h 17
Giacomo Balla, feasible futurism: wandering between the real and the virtual. 
Balla House – in the Parioli district until 1926, then in Delle Vittorie district – it always presents itself as a breeding ground to invent, plan and realize objects useful for work but also beautiful and magical.
>> Patrizia Balla (heiress Giacomo Balla), Vittorio Balla (heir Giacomo Balla), Elena Gigli (Archivio Gigli per l’opera di Giacomo Balla), Edoardo Bosi (responsabile Art Advisor Azimut Capital Management), Alessandro Guerrini (Art Defender)

>> Saturday 2 november 2019
Mario Davico 1920-2010> h 11.30
Curated by Pino Mantovani
Texts by Flaminio Gualdoni, Cristina Valota, Franco Fanelli, Riccardo Cavallo
In the intellectual and existential free zone of the studies, only painting counts, beyond any circumstances, any possible nominalism, any worldly event. The whole life of Davico focused on painting, which the artist wanted to be “absolute”, limitless, boundless and conditionless, independent from time and inherently self-sufficient and ‘perfect’.
Presentation of the monography published by Umberto Allemandi
>> Pino Mantovani, Franco Fanelli e Andrea Balzola

Arti decorative e Art Design. Passi nel tempo tra Unicità e Serialità > h 15
Art or design? Both. A double overturning of perspective: at the beginning, the decorative arts in their uniqueness, later the twentieth-century design, whose main concern was reproducibility. Today we notice an increasing interest towards costumization and a heavier hybridization with Art. The result is a renegotiation of the traditional borders between the two fields.  
>> Davide e Gabriele Adriano (Adriano Design) > Vanessa Carioggia (Casa d’Aste Sant’Agostino) > Roberta Verteramo (Art designer). Moderator: Davide Alaimo (architect, critic and design historian) 

Fake, plagi e falsi d’autore > h 15
Curated by La Stampa
Consequences and curiosities of feigning the thruth.
>> Luca Ferrua (La Stampa), Gipo Di Napoli (Bandakadabra), Roberto Mastroianni (philosopher and Chairman of Museo Diffuso della Resistenza)

>> Sunday 3 november 2019

Esercizi di sguardo. Cultura e percezione del quotidiano > h 11.30
Our viewpoint is molded by social and historical constructs that shape our perception of landscape, everyday life, space and art. Artists in particular have an important role into revealing, in every age, horizons invisible to most people, yet indispensable to imagine the dimensions of future.
>> Luca Dal Pozzolo (Director Osservatorio Culturale del Piemonte), Michela Casavola (Art critic) 

Opera Viva Barriera di Milano & Gli Erranti > h 15
From drawn fireworks to a nun and little devil sharing a bus, from stray dogs wandering through the ruins of a Turkish castle to the declaration of an uncertain and immortal love, until the “solar sculptures for castaways”: this year the five billboards of Opera Viva Barriera di Miano shown in Piazza Bottesini confronted themselves with Flashback’s Wanderers, with the vagrancy in time, in space and feelings. The project inventor, Alessandro Bulgini, will discuss about them with curator Christian Caliandro and two of this edition’s protagonists: Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso and Laura Cionci.
>> Alessandro Bulgini, Christian Caliandro, Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso, Laura Cionci 

Hommes canette Eddy Ekete > h 16
With the participation of Vincent Lebubura Nzau
Presented by CasaBottega
A Golem, aroused from a will of power, walks around, dances and moves producing a clang of metallic noises with a joyful and festive rhythm. “‘L’Homme canette” is the poetic recycling of material abandoned from contemporary consumption with a hint to the ancestral culture of Africa.

Mixing words

Flashback talk 2018

The flashback talks have reached the 6thedition of flashback and have explored the themes of temporal analysis of cultural and artistic phenomena. In 2018 the aim was to merge the differences by contextualizing the subjects in time but also by taking them out of their context to understand the actual timeless value and impact they can have.

thursday 1 november

h. 11,15 / the main legal issues relating to the movement of artworks
the art market has never been so vast, both in terms of economic value and of geographical borders, but also with regard to the norms and laws by which the collector, artist and art dealer have to abide.
speakers: Vanessa Carioggia (Galleria d’arte Casa d’Aste Sant’Agostino), Francesco Fabris (, Simone Morabito (, Remo Morone (notary)

h. 15 / another seashore. From Artemisia to @iGirls, the role of women in art
from the woman as the “subject of art” to the woman as an “artist”: the history, the roots and the socio-cultural context of polish contemporary art that sees women as protagonists in the global landscape of postfeminism.
speakers: Patrizia Bottallo (curator), Francesca Sandroni (artist), Tea Taramino (artist), Agnieszka Zakrzewicz (journalist)
moderator: Roberto Mastroianni (philosopher)

h. 16,30 / Italy/Cathay/Italy. the silk of ancient times to contemporary stylists
the tale of the refined and intricate entanglement that connects Italy, and Europe, with the magical and mysterious East that used to stretch from Persia to Cathay, to mysterious Japan. A geographical and temporal journey that connects ancient times to the contemporaneity of designers.
speakers: Gianluca Bovenzi (scholar of textiles and embroidery), Monica Bruno (Iconica co-curator)

h. 18 / behind the artwork – wealth management services
the market, protection of the artwork and heritage.
speakers: Edoardi Bosi (head of art advisory), Valter De Franceschi (head of fiduciary services)

friday 2 november

16,30 / LA STAMPA introduces “temporality in art: boundaries in dialogue”
speakers: Arturo Galansino (general director of  Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi), Thomas Marks (director of Apollo Magazine)
moderator: Luca Ferrua (editor in chief La Stampa)

saturday 3 november

h. 15 / LA STAMPA introduces “diversity as a raw material: opera viva barriera di milano“
speakers: Alessandro Bulgini (artist), Christian Caliandro (art critic and historian), Irene Pittatore (artist)
moderator: Luca Ferrua (editor in chief La Stampa)

h. 16,30 / going beyond. artist studios and art production sites.
‘going beyond’: this is the main logic behind the project Studi d’Artista. The production places of art that have been involved, in three editions, 72 studios, 90 artists and 14 galleries, outline differences and peculiarities of the urban territory related to Turin contemporary art. An unusual journey through the city ateliers to share with the public the cultural experience of living the backstage of the artistic creation.
speakers: Stefania Dassi (creator of the project, segretariato regiornale del MiBAC per il Piemonte), Carlo Gloria (photographer artist), Francesca Leon (assessora alla cultura della città di Torino), Gennaro Miccio (direttore del segretariato regionale del MiBAC per il Piemonte), Silvia Reichenbach (photographer artist), Nicolò Taglia (photographer artist), Carla Testore (journalist and art critic)
moderator: Liana Pastorin (journalist)

sunday 4 november

h. 15 / LA STAMPA introduces “from community to community: a new life for the places of worship”
speakers: Luca Ferrua (editor in chief La Stampa), Francesco Novelli (architecture and design department of Politecnico di Torino)

h. 16,30 / Nella Marchesini: an artist of the 20th century
from 1920 to 1953 Nella Marchesini devoted her life to painting. She was Felice Casorati’s first pupil, Piero Gobetti, Ada Prospero and Carlo Levi’s friend and Ugo Malvano’s wife. Her artistic journey in the relatively unknown history of the Italian women artists of the twentieth century stands out for its ground-breaking nature. The authors of the General Catalogue of her works explore the main events in her career through her paintings and the more recent research.
speakers: Giorgina Bertolino, Alessandro Botta

h. 18 / behind the work of art. art advisory new services
services dedicated to managing, maximising, and enhancing the artistic heritage.
speakers: Edoardo Bosi (Azimut head of art advisory), Paolo Ceroni (manager Azimut)