Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso “Unknown”

18 July 2019



Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso

Vernissage 25 July h 18.30

Piazza Bottesini, Turin, Italy

The Flashback special project Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, conceived by Alessandro Bulgini and curated by Christian Caliandro, is continuing for its fourth edition on 25 July. This year’s edition is inspired to the theme selected by the fair, The Wanderers.

The second billboard of OperaViva Barriera di Milano 2019 is the first of the two ones that have been selected through the open call (the other one is by Nero/Alessandro Neretti), as it was the case last year, and awarded by Flashback jury, composed by: Ginevra Pucci and Stefania Poddighe, director of the fair, Alessandro Bulgini, artist and creator of the project, Christian Caliandro, art historian and curator of the project, Francesco Nucci founder and chairman of the Volume! Foundation in Rome, Giangavino Pazzola independent curator and associate curator of Camera, Italian Center for Photography in Turin, Marco Rubiola, author, writer and director of advertising campaigns and Fabrizio Bellomo, one of the artists who participated to the 2017 edition.

The work is by Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso and is titled Unknown.
The image is part of a project the author has been carrying forward for six years, with photographs to the passengers of means of transport in Rome and in other countries throughout the world and that – so far, because of a precise choice – could only be enjoyed through the #comefareisenzamezzipubblici Instagram page. Emanuela writes: “An endless search, a silent relationship, a sharing between unknown people, obliged to meander, move and lose themselves anywhere and for any reason”.
The theme of wandering is therefore declined by this billboard in a fully urban key, taking back and developing the theme of the pathways within the space of the town and of the connections between the neighborhoods, the territories – pathways that represent a constant in Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, which is declined in the most diversified ways by the artists who participated to the project throughout these years. Thus, a nun on the bottom seats of the bus turns and – concerned, thoughtful – looks at the visage of the little devil who is is formed by the graffiti on the glass, by the red lamps and by the puffs of the night reflexes.
On his turn, the little devil reciprocates and looks at her.

A project by Alessandro Bulgini
Curated by Christian Caliandro
Promoted by Flashback, all art is contemporary
II artist: Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso, vernissage 25 July h 18.30
25 July / 2 September 2019

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