Eva Marisaldi > Hidetoshi Nagasawa

04 October 2019

Eva Marisaldi, installation view at Flashback

Cambiando dimora: i passi nel tempo
curated by Michela Casavola

Eva Marisaldi’s eclectic work will dialog – in “another abode”- with the somehow ascetic visionary one of Nagasawa, in an unprecedented space and poetic balance. Two generations and two different languages that meet in a universal journey, united by a shared emotional tension, in a harmonic chord ensured by a shared lightness, elegance and poetry  of the work, by a close aesthetic and sensitive point of view. Traveling significantly characterized the life and work of the two artists, same as the curiosity for sciences, physics and for the world of nature.  
They are both influenced by the passing of time, by the reason of the journey and by the temporal suspension. 

Hidetoshi Nagasawa, installation view at Flashback

Traveling is a constant in Nagasawa’s life and artistic practice. At the age of 26, he made a one year and a half bicycle journey towards Europe, through several Asian countries (Singapore, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria), up to Turkey, Greece and then Italy Nagasawa’s search leads us to works permeated by the feeling of lightness, of flying into the air and of an aerial trend. The great work Yugao-Jole (2005-2013) is an example of it. In the version presented for Flashback in Turin, we see it hanging from the ceiling by steel cables.  Here, its volumetric stellar geometry dominates. 
The movement also characterizes the Surround aerial sculpture, 2018, by Eva Marisaldi. This work looks like a wave suspended on top, swinging from a wall to another one, reminding the moving wake of the migratory birds in chronophotograph. The wave simulates the journey of the birds, oriented by the stars as compass points, traveling also in the night, while sleeping, perhaps attracted by the luminosity of Yugao-Jole’s copper star. Also the Cornucopia video, 2005, developed with Enrico Serotti, offers the opportunity of a visual-sound perceptive experience. The video is an animation directly produced by the sound.  This means that it is the very sound that generates the animated image. 

Cambiando dimora: i passi nel tempo has been realized thank to the support of Art Defender Insurance which is dedicated in the first place to the safeguard of artworks, antiques, vintage cars and luxury goods, but also offers a wide range of personal insurances.