Flashback 2020…Ludens

24 September 2020

– This year’s theme and image swerve our soul and incarnate at the same time our bewilderments and the spirit of Flashback arises as ‘unifier of differences’, where space and time collapse and the artwork lives in the relationship with its public. Neither young nor old, of no specific kind, the work lives continuously asking us questions, with no reply, the only certainty is that – in this pathway of search ‘NON SIAMO SOLI’ (We Are Not Alone).

Flashback is coming into the play with a new dazzling chapter, Ludens, the eight one, which take its moves from chess and – in particular – from an interplanetary game, the one Roger Zelazny sets on stage in his humorous sci-fi novel Unicorn Variations. Chapter number eight (eight as the cases on each side of the chessboard) is interested in the ludic dimension of Man, it celebrates playing as sacred action and inspiration for art throughout time, from Nefertari’s Mortuary Chapel to conceptual art, passing by Dadaism and Surrealism.

The Ludens are those individuals who are fully conscious they can influence the world, remold it through creativity and free play. This is what Daniele Caluri, vernacular author of Il Vernacoliere, debunking draughtsman of  Don Zauker and Dylan Dog, shows in the strong color the cover of a new  Flashback, putting us in front of a nameless character, who seems to have just emerged from an hallucinated dream to question, provoke, perhaps even mock us. Neither a man nor woman, neither young nor old, the message of this grinning ambiguous creature is not only a balloon, but a sarcastic laughter, a cheeky reassurance, a query without question mark: WE ARE NOT ALONE. This shout remains suspended and propagates throughout a sky painted in lime, a pungent, hybrid color – another leitmotiv of this edition -, which illuminates and disconcerts at the same time.