Flashback day-by-day is born

June / November 2020

Flashback forcefully enters our everyday life, accompanying us – also on-line – up to the November event (5/8 at Pala Alpitour in Turin).

The eighth season of the series is ready to start: from Monday to Friday, always at the same time, hrs. 18:30, on the social channels of the event, an unprecedented journey dedicated to art without any space-time limit.

Flashback special project
Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, the Billboard: the project by Alessandro Bulgini, curated by Christian Caliandro, is interpreted month after month by the artists, some of them selected through open call, currently in course (expiring next 15 July).
Piazza Bottesini, Turin and live on Facebook all the openings:
15 July / 2 September / 30 September / 30 October

Flashback lab
The pedagogic project curated by Maria Chiara Guerra is being carried forward and develops in the continuous search for acts of beauty in our every day’s lives.
Every Monday on FacebookInstagram and YouTube 

Flashback art class
Christian Caliandro’s classes on “all contemporary” art focus on the gap the masterpiece is and builds versus reality. 
Every tuesday on FacebookInstagram and YouTube

Flashback storytelling
The project that promotes, through narration is enriched by the contribution of Raffaele Cataldo, a young writer graduated from Scuola Holden who selected the Unicorn as the protagonist of a literary game, a pursuit through art, pop culture and legend. 
Every wednesday on FacebookInstagram and Spotify

Flashback talk
The rich program of meetings moves temporarily to the web and offers us Pasti d’artista (Artist’s meals), the project of visual artist Giada Pucci. A series of “back and forth” on the extremely current and urgent need to recognize the professional figure or the artist, the precarious worker with no bonus or unemployment benefits, who “gives us so much fun”.
Every thursday on FacebookInstagramSpotify and/or YouTube

Flashback sound
The show schedule dedicated to music, which ranges seamlessly amongst genres and time, witnesses the birth of Flashback’s Spotify channel, curated by Andrea Vailati Canta. 
Every Friday on Spotify