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On show
Giorgio TentoliniDiacronie curated by Alberto Dambruso
30 gennaio – 20 febbraio 2021

The Forty-seven works by Giorgio Tentolini, exhibited until February 20 at Galleria Russo, mimic painting perfectly, but there is no trace of drawing or pigment. The female portraits od composed beauty, the images of classical statuary masterpieces and no less famous architecture of ancient Rome seem paintings, but actually they are bas-relieves, composed by light and semi-transparent materials stratification: nets, tulle, papers. “Giorgio Tentolini – Diacronie” is the title chosen for the review, with reveals the theme, a reflection on the beauty’s occidental canons, analysed by their millennial transit through the time.

The Galleria Russo presents a retrospective, scheduled for the March, with traces the career of Giacomo Balla, by a an anthological trend. Through a process articulated in sixty works, mostly from Balla’s house, the first works, the futurist perioda and the mature works will be presented, between drawings, pastels and oils, essential in the artist’s catalogue.