This year’s theme and image” Ginevra Pucci declares “swerve our soul and incarnate at the same time our bewilderments and the spirit of Flashback arises as ‘unifier of differences’, where space and time collapse and the artwork lives in the relationship with its public. Neither young nor old, of no specific kind, the work lives continuously asking us questions, with no reply, the only certainty is that – in this pathway of search ’NON SIAMO SOLI’ (We Are Not Alone).

Flashback supports its galleries through an Extended Edition that develops on the territory and on the web in a network that lasts four months. The edition opens on 3 November 2020 and ends on 7 March 2021.
The format provides an updated calendar on the exhibitions that each gallery of Flashback has in its own venue and a virtual space to present their works.

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