Ilaria Abbiento, Mediterraneo 2016

24 December 2021

Flashback, all art is contemporary


The flashback special project Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, il Manifesto

Ilaria Abbiento
Mediterraneo 2016

Inauguration Monday, December 20th 6.30 p.m. 
Piazza Bottesini, Turin
and live on Facebook (@flashbackfair)

The ninth poster of Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, a project devised by Alessandro Bulgini, curated by Christian Caliandro and supported by the Flashback art fair, is inaugurating in piazza Bottesini on Monday, December 20th at 06:30 p.m. and live on  – @flashbackfair: Mediterraneo 2016 by Ilaria Abbiento

This work is concluding the visual tale made up this year by the posters of the Opera Viva Barriera di Milano project. Ilaria Abbiento is presenting a photographic work titled Mediterraneo 2016: four women, whose head is covered by a veil, contemplate the sea, which has been the gravity center of the author’s search since her debut. 

Just like the previous posters, also this one is questioning the change, the mutation, the transformation we are being through these very years.  In doing this, she relies on the sea: a privileged place and device of intelligence and knowledge, of both the physical and intellectual exploration. A surface and a depth where to find yourself, loose and find it again, where to reflect in it, discover oneself and the world.  

This Mediterranean is therefore a physical place and – at the same time – a mental, spiritual and cultural one: the mirror of our rich articulated identity.  From millennia, a mirror of what scholar Donna Haraway defines “co-thinking”, “co-becoming”. Living with and sharing – between genders, species, individual and communities – thus lie therefore at the roots of a form of thought that is completely different than the one that still rules the greatest part of the individual and collective life patterns.  They imply the will to at last leave the entirely fictitious comfort of an unsustainable existence and build up a shared world and a shared way of living in the world.  Of staying together. 


Ilaria Abbiento was born in Naples in  1975.  For many years, has her artistic practice – constellated by images and matter –  been dedicated to the sea; it covers imaginary cartographic itineraries  for a poetic investigation of her inner ocean.  Ilaria  was  a pupil of Antonio Biasiucci, and has undertaken a pathway of author’s photography search.  Her works were exhibited in several Art Galleries and Museums, both in Italy and abroad, such as Al Blu di Prussia in Naples, Le Quadrilatère in Beauvais (France), L’Art Pur Gallery in Riyadh and Hafez Gallery in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), la Galleria d’arte moderna in Catania, The Museo Macro in Rome, the Museo Madre and the Museo di Villa Pignatelli in Naples, as well as in Contemporary Art fairs such as Artissima and ArtVerona. Some works are part of Art Collections such as Imago Mundi Art, of L. Benetton ’Archivio del Fondo Malerba per la fotografia, Mediterraneum Collection and Biblioteca Vallicelliana in Rome. She participated to several artist’s internships, amongst which BoCs Art in Cosenza, The Photosolstice in Asinara (Sardinia) and Plaza Art Residency on the island of Capraia, in the Tuscan archipelago. She has won several awards, amongst which an artist internship in Corsica with the Photolux Festival of Lucca, in collaboration with the Centre Méditerranéen de la Photographie of Bastia. The artist is currently represented by Claudio Composti (Artistic Director of  mc2gallery of  Milan) and Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Gallery of Venice.