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Stanze Viventi /
Living Rooms

2022 - 

Pavilion A

Living Rooms wants to give a voice to the artists and associations of the Piedmont area, putting the project at the centerthe territory, artistic creation and life.

The project was born with the intention of reactivating the rooms of Pavilion A of the former IPI (city orphanage until the 1980s) abandoned since 2013 and to do so through art. The rooms created by the artists(part I)

they are experienced, once completed, by others: associations, artists, musicians(part II).

The fundamental point is living, life in its thousand facets, the past life of places, the present in the artist's relationship with the other, the future with the relationship of the work with the lives of others.

The work that falls within a merely "exhibition" logic accepts that the public remains as such, withLiving Rooms the elements of the project are closely linked to the dimension of life. Experiencing the rooms as a place, not as a simple architectural space: this is what distinguishes places from non-places, crossing spaces without connotation that we all feel like strangers.


Part I The artists

To create the rooms, the artists dealt with the Flashback Habitat project, with history, with the people who lived part of their existence in Corso Giovanni Lanza 75 and with the future inhabitants, in an intertwining that goes beyond the mere artistic dimension to rediscover oneself as human, social and emotional.

Giulia Berra with Topography of waiting, Sarah Bowyer with Fratelli di Culla, Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna with Thaleia, Elena Corradi with What does it mean to care?, Fannidada with Tracce, Paolo Galetto with civuoleunainfinitapazienzaperaspettareciochenonaccademai, 

Maria Luigia Gioffrè with Casa Madre, Carlo Gloria with Il sogno di Andrea, Vittoria Mazzonis with Sui Sensi e sulle Emozioni, Luca Olivieri with Radio Silenzio, Germain Ortolani & Claudia Vetrano with Il Loco, 

LORO (Lorenzo Petrone and Rossana Misuraca) with Still Life, 

Luisa Raffaelli with Rovesciare, Riequilibrare, Rammendare, Mery Rigo with

The Adoption, La Foresta Siamo Noi, Beatrice Sacco with  Il passato è qualcosa che può vedere ma non può toccare, Bernat Sanso with In Balia, Michele Seffino with Phonotope #1

Part II The Associations

The rooms created by the artists are subsequently entrusted to the cultural associations operating in the area to carry out their cultural activities.

Download the request to adopt the room here

Once adopted by the Associations, the "Living Rooms" can be visited by appointment

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