Mariapaola Infuso, ***topia

19 July 2021

Flashback, all art is contemporary


 The Flashback Special Project Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, il Manifesto

Mariapaola Infuso 
***topia (2021)

Inauguration Wednesday June 30th, 6.30 p.m. 
Piazza Bottesini, Turin
and live on Facebook (@flashbackfair)

The third  poster of  Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, a project devised by Alessandro Bulgini, curated by Christian Caliandro and supported by the Flashback art fair, is inaugurating in piazza Bottesini  in  Turin  on Wednesday, June 30th at 06:30 p.m. and live on  – @flashbackfair with work  **topia by Mariapaola Infuso (2021).

After the laid table of project  senzazioni by Emanuela Barilozzi Caruso and the row in front of  Multicinema Modernissimo in Naples,  photographed by  Erika Nevia Cervo in Utile, this new  – all feminine – direct-drive tale of project  Opera Viva Barriera di Milano continues with its third  episode, namely the poster devised by Mariapaola Infuso.

In this work, the artist imagines the advertising billboard in Piazza Bottesini as a sort of screen where an image is installed, and this image – on its turn – works as a gathering and melting point. ***Topia  fits on the double analog and digital level : at the center of the rectangle, which looks like an abstract work, a veil reflecting the reality of the roundabout overlaps a collage of digital images of the neighborhood . Hence, the subject of the work is a double register of perception of  Barriera di Milano, following   a pathway and a reflection  the author explains as follows“***topia is a space that is connected to all the other spaces, a place that opens to other places, whose  function is to relate the environments and the people. A real place where you are allowed  to reflect in it and give yourself a break, a pause. A window on the neighborhood, which recalls the  observer’s participation to the relationship with the work. ***topia is circumscribed by a mirror that reflects the town, the neighborhood and the observer. A mirror to look at yourself, where you watch reality and observe it with different eyes. A place for  awareness, to reflect and question today’s world and  the contemporary society, which is afflicted by a difficult historical moment. A space outside the usual perimeters of our contemporaneity, outside the houses and outside the museums, on the road, where everything happens under sunlight”.

In the theory and practice of  Andy Warhol’s pop  art, for instance, the intimate nature of reflection does not only lay in mirroring ourselves, our identity (so that we can know and recognize it), but in reflecting reality within ourselves, so that we can recognize reality itself and its truth: “I’ll be your mirror / Reflect what you are, in case you don’t know /  I’ll be the wind, the rain and the sunset / The light on your door to show that you’re home / When you think the night has seen your mind / That inside you’re twisted and unkind / Let me stand to show that you are blind / Please put down your hands / ‘Cause I see you” (Velvet Underground, I’ll Be Your Mirror, 1967).

 ‘On the road, where everything occurs under the sunlight’: Alessandro Bulgini and Christian Caliandro maintain  that this sentence by  Mariapaola Infuso could almost be a watchword for the whole Opera Viva Barriera di Milano project, which for six editions has actually be based upon the idea of an art that leaves the  conventional institutional exhibition spaces to venture into the urban space and the world’s tissue. 

Born in Turin on September  1995, Mariapaola Infuso has attended the New Technologies of Arts curriculum of studies at Accademia Ligustica in Genoa. Her expressive method is multi-disciplinary and stratified: photograph, installation, video and animation, but also the care for both matter and space are the basis of her artistic research. She analyzes the flexibility of the photographic medium to approach the means from a large variety of possible angles; stripping off and reassembling the image as if it were living matter. The work she pursues is the investigation on the most fragile human sides of  current society.