04 October 2019

Flashback video 2019

In perfect harmony with this edition’s theme, the Ramingo collective of audio-visual arts – composed by Tommaso Magnano, Diego Berrè and Antonio Cavicchioni – is presenting to Flashback #ognimareèramingo#, a multi-media project consisting of two works of their audiovisual research, a project that documents the drifts of art in the mare magnum of the mass-media. 
Together with the projection of “The art trick – Angelo Froglia and other stories”, the documentary film (Angelo Froglia is the Livornese artist who realized in 1984 two out of three Modigliani’s fake heads, ed.) that narrates the genesis of the project, Ramingo is presenting the video installation “3”, a work drawn up through a kind of alchemical process. Three elements seemingly distant find new life through a direct comparison and thanks to the use, as a ligand, of their given common thread, to Wander.

All days >> @ Stand 41 
Video installation 2019 > 9’00’’ (3 loop) 
Rivara, Torino > Franz Paludetto is a famous gallerist known for having always swum against the tide. Infact he decided to keep his collection in the ancient castle of Rivara, in the Canavese area, which today is a Museum of Contemporary Art. Barriera di Milano and Aurora, Turin > both located in the northern periphery of Turin, in XIX century they were working class district and important area of large migratory flows, at first from southern Italy and – during the last decades – from any part of the world. Imperia > Grock (Charles Adrien Wettach 1880-1959) was the first authentic star of showbiz. The story of a clown become a king is proven by his bizarre villa in Imperia, that is currently a Clown Museum.

2 November h 16.30 >> @ Art square 
The art trick – Angelo Froglia and other stories 
Projection by Tommaso Magnano /Ramingo* 
Documentary film 55’ HD Ita subEng 2018 
A posthumous portrait that includes life and works, equally audacious, of a controversial and marginalized artist, who had a life so intense and deflagrating as short and painful. Reminded by the most like a docker with the hobby of painting, an amateur, a junky, a degenerate, Angelo Froglia spends an unscrupulous, cursed existence, always behind the scenes, among art workshops, political struggles, maximum-security prisons, drugs and great loves: a vortex of destruction invol- ving anyone approaching him. He died HIV-positive in January 1997, leaving a great, not only pictorial, production. An unknown story, told by the voices of the few who were close to him. A story rebuilt through his writings, his paintings and his original footages, in addition to the press and video archives of that time, trying to do justice to this profound, complex and still controversial figure. A violent, provocative, intransigent scream of freedom hurled from an Italian forsaken area and addressed to the whole world.