Opera Viva Barriera di Milano 2018

19 October 2018

piazza bottesini, Turin 2018

a project by Alessandro Bulgini
curated by Christian Caliandro

Lucia Veronesi, Laboratorio Saccardi, Irene Pittatore, Virginia Zanetti, Francesca Sandroni, Alessandro Bulgini

The flashback è Opera Viva project was born in 2013, by which artist Alessandro Bulgini stated the event and all the masterpieces presented as Opera Viva/Living Work. In 2014, Opera Viva left the spaces of art to move to the suburbs with the curatorship of Christian Caliandro.

A billboard of 3 per 6 meters in the roundabout of Piazza Bottesini, at the heart of Barriera di Milano, one of the most interesting districts of Turin, rich in history, identity and future; six artists, different from each other for background and style who – though – share an original innovative approach to the artistic practice; six artworks that translate into an adver- tising-like manifesto that denies the language of advertising at the very moment in which it uses it and which transforms the viewers – residents, visitors, motorists, passers-by, curious – into explorers of another dimension, of an area that works according to the rules and values of an unknown world; six artworks – together with all the collected fragments of life – gathered in one exhibition to narrate this window opened to the world and for the world: this is the project.

It is through this six-month project, that flashback connects different areas of the city of Turin and different time zones (the ancient, the modern, the contemporary in its making): in the belief that art should leave the institutional spaces, get off on the street to penetrate inside reality, to constantly move in it, to happily integrate into the dimension of our daily existence.

In the 2018 edition of Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, the Manifesto has followed the theme of flashback sixth edition in- spired by the sci-fi novel The shores of another sea by the anthropologist writer Chad Oliver. The silver thread is therefore, just like for the fair, ‘diversity’: cultural diversity, identity diversity, diversity of interpretations. Diversity taken, therefore, as an asset and not as an obstacle, as an eye opener and not as a barrier, as a widened horizon and not its closure. Diversity as a raw material.