Opera Viva, The Billboard…Luigi Presicce

28 September - 25 October 2020

Opening…Piazza Bottesini (Turin) and live on Facebook (@flashbackfair)
Wednesday 7 October…hrs. 18:3o

Harlequins of heaven, by Luigi Presicce the fifth poster of the Opera Viva Barriera di Milano project, devised by Alessandro Bulgini and curated by Christian Caliandro, which is also the second winning work of the Flashback fair open call, is being inaugurated in Piazza Bottesini in Turin, on 7 October at hrs. 18:30. and live on Facebook – @flashbackfair.

The theme selected this year by Flashback, all art is contemporary, is Ludens, inspired to Roger Zelazny’s sci-fi tale Unicorn Variations and to the work of Johan Huizinga: therefore, the game meant as a foundation of human life and creativity, as an essential approach for the continuous reconstruction of the world and as sacred activity.

In this fall, which is rich of uncertainties, but also of expectations, the fall of an unexpected year, this image tells us of some happiness that is still and always at hand, just because – as Maïmouna Guerresi, Iginio De Luca, Serena Fineschi and Noura Tafeche have shown us throughout this pathway since February – after every defeat there is a restart, after you drop you raise again, both individually and collectively. Even though we are perfectly aware of the issues and crises the contemporaneity is going through, even though the Western societies are showing all their cracks (which the virus has widened and made even more visible), in spite of all this and just because of it we must not give up our passionate love for existence.

What is important is to keep the correct state of mind, i.e. the opening to the unexpected, that only the game allows practicing and training. This opening, this availability is of course marvelous and terrible at the same time, distressing and sublime.  As Caetano Veloso said the day after the election of Jair Bolsonaro: “Be careful. Now, everything is in jeopardy, everything is different, even though it remains marvelous.  We need to be vigilant and strong.  We have no time for death”.  Or, according to another version: “Attention. Everything is dangerous now. Yet, everything is divine and marvelous”.  

This is what is stated in Luigi Presicce’s poster, which is also animated by a deep visual culture that nourishes itself, for instance, of the magic realism of authors such as Massimo Bontempelli, Gino Severini and Alberto Savinio, as well as of that metaphysical attitude that lays at the origin of every authentically Italian art.