Opera Viva, The Billboard…Open call

17 June 2020

 Iginio De Luca, Another round, another race, 9 June – 12 July 2020

The terms are open – until 15 July – to participate to the third edition of the call for visual artists of the project OPERA VIVA BARRIERA DI MILANO, THE BILLBOARD.

The topic which was selected for this sixth edition of Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, the Billboard is – as for the fair – Ludens.
An edition interested to the ludic dimension of man as a basis for art and culture; the game as a sacred activity. 

Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, the Billboard, is an urban art project that adds meaning to the concept of public art thanks to the use of the pre-existent in conceiving the artwork, in the specific case a 6x3m municipality space for public billposting (cimasa n. 50530) in Piazza Bottesini in Turin (Barriera di Milano, a multi-ethnic neighborhood) interpreted by national and international artists throughout the year.

The Flashback is Opera Viva project was born in 2013, and by which artist Alessandro Bulgini stated that the event Flashback, all art is contemporary and all the masterpieces presented as Living Work. In 2014, Flashback is Opera Viva left the spaces of art to move to the suburbs, through Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, the Billboard (OVBM) curated by Christian Caliandro, thus marking the countdown to the November event.

The project develops around a precise idea of the relationship between art and public space, and of the function of a work within an urban context and community. Through this operation, the fair connects different areas of the city of Turin and different time zones (the ancient, the modern and the contemporary in its making), believing that art must leave the institutional spaces, go down to the road, stretch towards reality, constantly move through it, happily integrate into the dimension of every day’s existence.

On the occasion of the fair, the images of the posters – together with all the collected fragments of life – are gathered in one exhibition to narrate this window opened to the world and for the world. Therefore, in the preceding months and then in Pala Alpitour, the OVBM project sees numerous Italian and international artists interpreting this advertising space in the aim of taking art to the people and return physical and mental spaces to creativity.
The experiment, which was particularly successful in the previous editions, confirms its will of setting itself as a moment of cultural reflection that cannot do without its own contemporaneity. 

The Poster 
A 6x3m municipal billposting in the roundabout of Piazza Bottesini pulses in the heart of Barriera di Milano, i.e. one of the most interesting neighborhoods of Turin, rich in history, identity and future, thanks to artists of different background and style, but sharing an original innovative approach to the artistic practice. The artists present – month after month – artworks that translated themselves into an advertising-like poster that rejects the language of advertising in the very moment it uses it and turns the spectators – residents, visitors, car drivers, passersby and curious people – into explorers of another dimension, of an unexplored area which – on its turn – operates according to the rules and values of an unknown world.
The poster is a window and – at the same time – a hollow space, an interstice that helps us glimpse what has been, and what is coming. 

The exhibition 
During the five days of the fair, the images of the posters – together with all the collected fragments of life are gathered into one exhibition at Pala Alpitour in Turin.

The talk
An appointment of discussion on the edition developed. The talk shall be held in Flashback’s Art Lounge within the Pala Alpitour. The reflection shall develop analyzing the function of the work within a context and a community, starting from Turin’s experience.

The labs 
Flashback lab is the pedagogic project which was born with the will to widen and tell the reflections on the theme of the utilization of art as cultural experience of awareness and citizenship, and of collection as a public and private act of preservation of objects, images and works with different intents and values. From art collectorship to collection as a gesture of care of urban space, the lab is built as a pathway of knowledge of art, which roots into and connects to urban history and to the territory, in the ambition of providing the participants with a toolbox which can help them recognize Beauty in every day’s places. This process of knowledge configures itself as a free gesture, of renewed awareness and autonomy in the utilization of the public spaces, by the new citizens, either by age or by citizenship. 
In 2020, the project is widening its perspective, including pathways for students of primary and grammar schools, families and groups of citizens who live in difficult conditions in Turin’s neighborhoods of complex economic and social conditions. The classes involved shall be the protagonists of a four-appointment experience, which starts from the narration and the visit of the works developed within OVBM, to reach the Museums and culture institutes of the city. The multi-disciplinary contents shall eventually be processed in the lab appointments. The project is aimed at involving children, adolescents and families mainly from Turin’s neighborhoods of Aurora and Barriera di Milano, in a curricular and extra-curricular pedagogic pathway, where art is meant as a tool of aesthetic sharing and acknowledgment of shared cultural identities: the labs and the visits are devised mainly to be a support of those schools and realities which – because of the specific complexity of the users – do not manage to autonomously plan opportunities of cultural and artistic training.  The project involves in curricular activities approximately 300 students each school year, who move from the school place to the public places, to the galleries and to the institutions dedicated to art to find their home in the spaces of Pala Alpitour during the week of contemporary art. 

>> For further information: operaviva@flashback.to.it