Roman Imperial production, I-II cent. AD
White marble, height cm 26

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Monaco, private collection (1960/70)
Monaco, Monaco Fine Arts
Monaco, Daniel Collection, 1992
London, David Aaron Gallery
London, private collection

 This interesting Roman head in white marble, with the face interrupted at the base of the neck, depicts a female creature (perhaps Diana or a nymph) and impresses with its ideal beauty, composed and balanced, with a young face that seems directly based on those Greek Attic types of Artemis Colonna of the 4th century BC.
The composition of the head, life-sized, is energetic and at the same time denotes a serene aspect. Its physiognomy is in fact a symbol of the idealized quality characteristic of classical Greek sculpture. This classic influence is clearly seen in the perfect almond shaped eyes with sharply sculpted lids and smooth facial contours. The hairdo is exquisitely rendered. The very wavy hair separates on the forehead in small locks and is parted in the centre to finally come together in a chignon knotted at the nape. The forehead is wide, the nose is straight, intact with the exception of a chip, the cheekbones just suggested, the mouth is small and with fleshy lips gently parted, the chin slightly pronounced, the ears are small and partly covered by the hair. The rich execution of the hairstyle and the quality of the face may suggest a dating back to the Hadrian period (117-138) or to the early Antonian period, the last of the two golden centuries of the Roman Empire.

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