04 October 2019

curated by Scuola Holden

Art is an infinite story and – even though at a distance of centuries – it still lightens and represents the human experience. Also the ways to narrate it are limitless, this is why four pupils of Scuola Holden let themselves be inspired by some works exhibited in the fair, and they have woven a story around it. The objective is to draw the public near the artworks through an original, multi-disciplinary pathway. The students have used words, gestures or sounds to make up their performances and translate the message launched by the exhibited artists centuries ago into a contemporary language. The result you will discover in Flashback will be a fully unprecedented narration, a new surprising key to read art. 

31 october > h 12.30
Jan Brueghel II e Pieter van Avont, Caretto & Occhinegro (Turin I)
Giulia Binando focuses on a gesture that only two painters can do: catch Jesus, Joseph and Mary in a moment of anguish and uneasiness, the flight, to lay them in an impossible place for a little rest.

1 november > h 12.30
Giorgio Vasari, Piacenti (London UK) 
Mariavittoria Salucci reconstructs from the surviving fragments an artwork by Vasari and, with a small journey into the world of communication, leads us to rediscover the surprising persistence of our imaginaries. 

2 november > h 12.30
Luigi Russolo, Galleria Allegra Ravizza (Lugano CH, Milan I) 
With listenings and readings, Davide Dichiara explores the fertile border that goes through the space between music and noise.

3 november > h 12.30
Romano Alberti detto il Nero, Flavio Pozzallo (Oulx TO I)
By reading an original story inspired by the artwork, Bianca Giancalone describes an impossible motherly love that finds its expression and fulfillment thanks to a creative gesture.