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Flashback is a project born in 2013 and made up of an organic and varied set of activities dedicated to art which take place throughout the year, from exhibitions to workshops up to Flashback Art Fair, the art fair that takes place the first week of November in Turin.
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On the one hand the name: Flashback, the upheaval of the narrative, through which the elsewhere is transported to the present, on the other the exhibition project: all art is contemporary which is inspired by the conceptual research of Gino De Dominicis on the theme of the immortality of the artistic expression.
The pre-existing
Flashback is therefore an innovative and evolving format that focuses on the ability to look at what already exists, at what has been neglected to reaffirm its existence and strength, be they works, places or people.
Flashback Habitat
Ecosystem for Contemporary Cultures

Flashback Habitat was born in 2022: 20,000 square meters of spaces in Corso Giovanni Lanza 75 in Turin are undergoing redevelopment thanks to the revitalizing action of art and culture.
Flashback Habitat is an independent and open art center whose aim is to represent the complexity of the world through the arts: a shared house of cultures , a place of life where anybody can take care of people and territories' arts and creativity, a place where you can verify the social responsibility of those practices and where anyone can welcome, enhance and produce creative expressions. A place for those who want to engage and commit themselves in art and in life.



General directors

Stefania Poddighe, Ginevra Pucci

Artistic director Flashback Habitat

Alessandro Bulgini

Project executive

Michela Monaco

Head of Communication

Margherita Dionisio

Press office

Giulia Gaiato

Visual communication and design

Elena Cisnetti

Social Media Manager

Cristina Campanella

Vip relations

Franca Lippi

Facility Manager

Francesco Santullo


Marina Pani

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