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by Mariachiara Guerra

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The next workshops

Sunday 14 April 2024 at 3.30 pm

Sunday 19 May 2024 at 3.30 pm



La Natura dell’Arte parte da Flashback Habitat, Ecosistema per le Culture Contemporanee, dove architettura e paesaggio si 

contaminano reciprocamente. Attraverso una passeggiata nel parco alla scoperta degli esseri viventi che lo abitano e la narrazione delle opere site-specific, il progetto fa soffermare lo sguardo degli/delle partecipanti sugli elementi che permettono agli esseri viventi di esistere pienamente: dalle api, cuore dell’opera Roots Pipeline ai funghi immaginifici di Mushroom Forest.
I/le partecipanti visiteranno Vivarium, rintracciando i segni della Natura presenti nelle opere d’arte e riportando poi la propria esperienza in un’attività laboratoriale dedicata.

Nell’ambito del nuovo progetto Ibridi, dal 24 marzo al 9 giugno 2024

di  Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.

Prenota qui il tuo laboratorio! 

The didactical project Flashback Lab started in 2015, 3rd edition of the art fair. The labs were born with the aim of experimenting a practice of audience engagement for students, teachers and families within a broader cultural program that starts during the fair days but disseminates throughout the territory all the school year long. Therefore, if in the pilot edition the educational activities were intended for families visiting Flashback, since 2016 the project has been divided into a School section and a Family one, furthermore special events for gramps have been added since 2018.
In a desire for cultural connection with the territory and with a view to making the museum and urban heritage known especially to students who come from more fragile contexts, since 2016 the participating classes have been guided first to discover "Opera Viva Barriera di Milano, Billboard", then of important museums and archives, from Palazzo Madama to the Historical Archives of the city of Turin, from ISTORETO to the Museum of the Resistance.

With a view to multi-year accompaniment to the cultural growth of children and young people, the activities continued in 2020, during the months of forced closure of the schools: thanks to the constant collaboration with teachers, the Flashback Labs, co-conducted together with Alessandro Bulgini, took place remotely, during the curricular teaching hours. Furthermore, to provide an in-depth didactic tool not only to the teachers directly involved in the workshops, a series of video pills was created, made available on the Flashback social channels.
In the 2021 edition, the collaboration with the education department of the GAM - Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, was started, within which the didactic laboratories and workshops for grandparents, dedicated to  the artwork "Vele", located in Piazza Foroni, and its author Vasco Are.

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