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Past editions

2013  / 2023

The first edition of Flashback was born in 2013 in Turin with the first chapter: The time enigma. Year after year other chapters followed making up the whole story.
Each year Flashback’s tale grows up and renews itself. For each new edition, a new form is conceived and transformed into its cornerstones.

The Title. A theme to start the journey, a new chapter which captivates visitors and a new challenge for the gallerists who create an exhibition project with artworks fitting the current edition’s leitmotif.
The Image. A unique artwork, purposely created by a different visual artist to become the cover of each chapter of Flashback, as well as the inspiration for its layout.
The Colour. If the Byzantines used a golden background to put together the figures of a mosaic and immortalize them in an ageless space, in the same way, at Flashback, colour is what unites the titles of each edition and fix them in a timeless dimension.
The Set-up. An original set-up creates for each edition a unique, never-seen- before, path: the passage through the artgate, the wormhole, carries us each time into that elsewhere dimension where "all art is contemporary".


The Galleries 



800 / 900 Artstudio, Leghorn, Lucca (I) Abscondita | Arti Applicate, Rome (I) Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art, Naples, Milan (I) Antiques Par Force, Rome (I) Altomani & Sons, Milan, Pesaro (I) Guido Anau Montel, Turin (I)  Aleandri Arte Moderna, Rome (I) Alinari, Florence (I) Antonacci Lapiccirella Fine Art, Rome (I) Paolo Antonacci, Rome (I) Arcuti Fine Art, Rome, Turin (I) Artemisia Fine Art, Dogana (RSM) Atipografia, Arzignano, VI, Milan (I),  Art Decoratif di Roberto Centrella, Fiumicino - Rome (I) Antichità Bacarelli, Florence (I) Galleria d’Arte Alessandro Bagnai, Foiano della Chiana – AR (I) Galleria d’Arte Cinquantasei, Bologna (I) Galleria Daniela Balzaretti, Milan (I) Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery, Venice (I) Umberto Benappi, Turin (I) Benappi Fine Art, London (UK) Biasutti & Biasutti, Turin (I) Galleria Riccardo Boni, Rome (I) Bottegantica, Milan (I) W. Apolloni, Rome (I) Bottegantica, Milan (I) Botticelli Antichità, Florence (I) Burzio, London (UK) Callisto Fine Arts, London (UK) Studio d’Arte Campaiola, Roma (I) Maurizio Candiani, San Mauro Torinese TO (I) Galleria Canelli, Milan (I) Capitani Art Consulting, Milan (I) Galleria Canesso, Paris (FR), Milan (I) Galleria Luigi Caretto, Turin (I), Madrid (E) Galleria d'Arte l'Incontro, Chiari BS (I)  Caretto & Occhinegro, Turin (I) Galleria Michela Cattai, Milan (I) Mirco Cattai Fine Arts & Antique Rugs, Milan (I) Caviglia, Lugano (CH) Ceci Antichità, Serramazzoni MO, Formigine MO (I) Galleria Arte Cesaro, Padoa (I) Chiale Fine Art, Racconigi CN (I), Brussels (BE) Contemporary Cluster, Rome (I) Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting, Milan (I) Creatini & Landriani, Sestri Levante GE (I) De Jonckheere, Geneva (CH) DYS 44 Lampronti Gallery, London (UK) Raffaella De Chirico Art Consulting, Turin (I) Galleria Del Ponte, Turin (I) Alessandra Di Castro Antichità, Rome (I) Miriam di Penta Fine Art, Rome (I) Enrico Gallerie d’Arte, Milan, Genoa (I) Enrico Frascione, Florence (I) Frascione Arte, Florence (I) Galleria Frediano Farsetti, Florence (I) Galleria dello Scudo, Verona (I) Studio Gariboldi, Milan (I) Giacometti Old Master Paintings, Rome (I) Galleria Giamblanco, Turin (I) Flavio Gianassi - FG Fine Art, London (UK) Gilistra Japanese Art, Turin (I) Galleria Gracis, Milan (I) Giordano Art Collections, Diano d’Alba CN (I) Galerie Jean- François Cazeau, Paris (FR), Sanremo IM (I) Kanalidarte, Brescia (I) Il Cartiglio, Turin (I) La Pendulerie, Milan (I) Galleria In Arco, Turin (I) ML Fine Art - Matteo Lampertico, Milan (I), London (UK) Galleria del Laocoonte, London (UK), Rome (I) Longari Arte Milan (I) Lorenzelli Arte, Milan (I) Luma Contemporary Art, Rome (I) Magazine Royal, Ville Voorde (B) Maison d’Art, Monaco (MC) Gallerie Maspes, Milan (I) Mazzoleni, London (UK), Turin (I) MB Arte Libri, Milan (I) Mehringer, Monaco (D)

Il Mercante delle Venezie, Vicenza (I) Lorenzo e Paola Monticone Gioielli d’epoca, Turin (I) Moretti Fine Art, London (UK), Monaco (MC), Florence (I) Galleria Mossini, Mantoa (I) Galleria d’Arte Niccoli, Parma (I) Maurizio Nobile, Bologna (I), Paris (FR) Orsini Arte e Libri, Milan (I) Open Art, Prato (I) Carlo Orsi, Milan (I) Osart Gallery, Milan (I) Walter Padovani, Milan (I) Pegaso, Giussago PV (I) Photographica Fineart Gallery, Lugano (CH) Photo & Contemporary, Turin (I) Piacenti, London (UK) Pio Monti Arte Contemporanea, Rome (I) Piva & C, Milan (I) Giuseppe Piva Arte Giapponese, Milan (I) Claudio Poleschi Arte Contemporanea, Dogana (RSM) Flavio Pozzallo, Oulx TO (I) Benjamin Proust Fine Art Limited, London (UK) Galleria Allegra Ravizza, Lugano (CH), Milan (I) Res Publica Galleria d’Arte Democratica, Venaria Reale TO (I) Robilant + Voena, Milan (I), London (UK), Saint Moritz (CH) Galleria d’Arte Roccatre, Turin (I) Romigioli Antichità, Legnano MI (I) Galleria Russo, Rome (I) Salamon & C, Milan (I) Richard Saltoun, London (UK) Rome (I) Santa Barbara Art Gallery, Milan, Spello PG (I) Santa Tecla, Padua (I) Schreiber Collezioni, Turin (I) Secol-Art di Masoero, Turin (I) Galleria Silva, Milano (I) Gian Enzo Sperone, Sent (CH), New York (USA) Società Antiquaria, Turin (I) Società di Belle Arti, Viareggio LU (I) Luca Tomio Project Room, Milan (I) Galleria Torbandena, Trieste (I) Tornabuoni Arte, Florence, Milan, Forte dei Marmi (I), Paris (FR), London (UK) Tower Gallery, Todi PG (I) Galleria Antonio Verolino - Arte Contemporanea, Modena (I) Raffaele Verolino, Modena (I) Galleria Carlo Virgilio & C., Rome (I), London (UK) Vivioli Arte Antica, Genoa (I) White Lands, Turin (I) Galleria Zabert, Turin (I) 

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